CEU Research Centers Working on Europe

Center for EU Enlargement Studies

The CENTER FOR EUROPEAN ENLARGEMENT STUDIES (CENS), an independent Center of the Central European University, was founded in 2005 as an institution of advanced research into the EU enlargement process. Our overall goal is to promote a dialogue between member states and partners in Eastern- and Southern-Europe, academics and decision makers in the EU and in national governments so that they may have a more informed understanding of factors that influence Europe’s common future. Research carried out encompasses not only the enlargement process, but also a wider range of political, economic and social influences of European integration.

Center for Policy Studies

The Center for Policy Studies (CPS) works for better government and administration in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union through public policy teaching and research. Based at the Central European University, CPS carries out research projects, develops materials for teaching and training and in conjunction with the Open Society Institute, sponsors policy research in transition and emerging democracies. The Center is committed to the development of indigenous policy capacities and offers an on-line library of policy research papers from the region. An active member of several policy networks, CPS organizes conferences, workshops and public events to encourage interaction between academics, policy institutes and policy makers and to promote exchange of expertise and best practice. The Center's activities are inter-disciplinary, comparative and geared towards policy recommendations and practical outcomes.

Center for Media and Communication Studies

The CMCS is a research center of the Central European University in Budapest dedicated to advancing media and communication scholarship and policy throughout the region and beyond. The CMCS produces scholarly and practice-oriented research addressing academic, policy and civil society needs. CMCS research and activities address media and communication policy and the democratic potential of the media, civil society and participation, fundamental communication and informational rights, and the complexities of media and communication in transition.

Political Economy Research Group

The mission of PERG is to foster collaborative research among the CEU faculty and students doing research in the tradition of political economy. The primary focus of PERG are varieties of capitalism in Central and Eastern Europe. During teaching semesters PERG convenes weekly seminars for faculty, students and visitors. PERG members also maintain a public blog commenting on issues of interest and a gated research blog for its members.