The Center for European Union Research (CEUR) is a platform for collaborative research, dissemination and international networking in the field of European Union studies. CEUR is open to all CEU faculty and emphasises an interdisciplinary approach.

CEUR is a crucial component of CEU’s research infrastructure. It promotes CEU’s profile as a key provider of research and teaching in the field of European Union studies.

The primary objective of CEUR is to encourage academic debate and research collaborations among CEU faculty as well as to connect CEU with core academic networks in the field. In this context CEUR hosts a series of events throughout each academic year. Events are open to the entire CEU community and audiences outside CEU.

CEUR members are full-time CEU faculty who are integrated into departmental structures and contribute to teaching in the field. CEUR concentrates scholarship around four focus areas and thus is conducive to collaborative research. These areas include:

  •  governance and institutional development in the European Union
  • politics of European integration 
  • the EU’s external relations
  • contemporary policy challenges.

 You will find more information on CEUR members and their research by browsing the faculty profiles and the research section.