Hungarian Particularism in the European Union: Politico-legal perspectives

On Friday 15 May 2015, CEUR co-hosted, together with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, a conference on Hungarian Particularism in the European Union: Politico-legal perspectives.

Herman Van Rompuy on the first 5 years of European Council Presidency

Read the keynote speech of Herman Van Rompuy on The Role of the President of the European Council  at the European Parliament Think Tank event of 5.5.2015 here.


Puetter Explores Indispensable Role of European Council President During High-Level Panel Debate in Brussels

 Uwe Puetter, professor of public policy and director of CEU’s Center for European Union Research, was an expert discussant at a high-level panel debate on the full-time presidency of the European Council hosted by the European Parliament’s Research Service (EPRS) in Brussels on May 5. Read the full article  here.

Uwe Puetter gave presentation at the University of Oslo on 'The new intergovernmentalism: European integration in the post-Maastricht period'

Uwe Puetter spoke about his new book ‘The New Intergovernmentalism: States and Supranational Actors in the Post-Maastricht Era’, co-edited with Christopher Bickerton and Dermot Hodson at the ARENA Tuesday Seminar  at the Oslo University on 17 March 2015.

Why majoritarian democracies are more anti-European - guest lecture by Marlene Wind

Studying a country's democratic system might shed light on attitudes towards the European Union's system of judicial review, argued Marlene Wind, Professor of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen, in her CEUR lecture “Why Majoritarian Democracies Are More Anti-European” on February 19, 2015. Read the full article about the lecture here.

Talk by Ivan Mikloš, former Slovakian Finance Minister

On Thursday, 29 January, 2015 the Center for European Union Research (CEUR) at Central European University (CEU) hosted Ivan Mikloš, the former Slovakian Finance Minister for a talk about his role in managing the euro crisis decision in Slovakia between 2010 and 2012. The event was part of the activities organized under the FP7 'bEUcitizen' research consortium  in which Uwe Puetter and Robert Csehi carry out research on the constraints financial market developments may have imposed on the practice of political citizenship.

European Parliament publishes study by Uwe Puetter

The European Parliament published an in-depth analysis on the roles of the European Council and the Council in contemporary EU governance by ProfessorUwe Puetter. The study discusses the growing influence of the two institutions and reviews policy options for institutional and constitutional change. Read the full study here.


Former Slovakian finance minister will talk about euro crisis decision-making at CEUR

Managing euro crisis decision-making in Slovakia

CEUR guest lecture by Mr Ivan Mikloš, Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Slovakia, Member of Parliament and Member of the Committee on Finance and Budget, President of economic think-tank M.E.S.A. 10

Chair: Uwe Puetter

Date: January 29, 2015

Time: 17.20

Venue: MB 201

Marie-Pierre Granger participates in EU citizenship research seminar at the University of Copenhagen

Marie-Pierre Granger (CEUR) participated in an international research seminar held at the University of Copenhagen on 11 December 2014 on EU citizenship and right organised by the Centre for European Studies in Economic Law (Copenhagen University), the Centre for Regulation and Enforcement of Europe (Utrecht University) and the EU funded bEUcitizen project.

See the seminar program here.

Article in European Law Review by CEUR members Marie-Pierre Granger and Kristina Irion

CEUR members Marie-Pierre Granger and Kristina Irion co-authored an analysis of the recent Digital Rights Ireland decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union, which has just been published in the European Law Review. In that groundbreaking ruling, the Court invalidated the Data Retention Directive, an important piece of the EU anti-terrorism arsenal.