Degree Programs

Public Policy

The School of Public Policy offers US-accredited graduate programs in public policy at the Master’s and the doctoral levels. Focus is placed on analysis, design and implementation of public policy at the national and international level. Programs take a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of public policy: faculty members hold degrees in public policy, politics, economics, law and international relations from a range of European and US universities.

Political Science

The Department of Political Science provides a comprehensive program of instruction and research in the fundamental areas of the discipline: political institutions and processes; the origins, development and transformation of theory and concepts; understanding different approaches to political analysis; political philosophy; social theory; political economy; public policy; political and economic sociology; constitutionalism and the legal contexts necessary for understanding politics and debates about it.


International Relations and European Studies

The Department of International Relations and European Studies (IRES) is a center of excellence for education, training and research.

IRES integrates international relations scholarship with regional expertise in both the Eastern and Western parts of the enlarged European Union together with the wider European neighborhood. The department's devotion to the time-honored traditional canons of international relations theory and to the two major sub-disciplines of security studies and international political economy forms the foundation of the program content, complemented by a necessarily multi-disciplinary approach to EU integration and expansion and the EU's relations with the former Soviet Union. This highly competitive program provides an enriching environment that generates research on relevant topics in a globalizing world. An interdisciplinary faculty (including scholars from international relations, history, law, economics and political science) and a broad scope of course offerings attract top-level graduate students from around the world.The student/faculty ratio for the Department of International Relations and European Studies is 7:1.

Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations

The Doctoral School is an academic community home to more than 50 permanent faculty members and over 90 doctoral students. The Doctoral Program in Political Science has been established by the Departments of Political ScienceInternational Relations and European Studies, and Public Policy with the aim of contributing to a spirit of cooperation between faculty and students and foster the consolidation of a common academic community across the three departments.
The PhD program aims to provide the theoretical and methodological groundings necessary to facilitate a broader comparative perspective which will mediate and engage scholarship and practices from both European and non-European contexts.
The structure of the PhD program in Political Science is based on a system of ‘tracks’ (areas of specialization, or ‘majors’). The tracks represent academic fields/sub-fields or research areas that reflect the major strengths and interests of our faculty.