Academic Networks

CEUR members engage in collaborative research and participate in academic events within the context of a number of international research consortia and professional organisations.

You can learn more about their networks by browsing our link collection below.

 bEUcitizen, Barriers to EU Citizenship, research project, European Union Seventh Framework Programme


European Foreign and Security Policy Studies


European Union Democracy Observatory

Reconstituting Democracy in Europe (RECON), Integrated Project, European Commission’s 6thFramework Programme for Research

University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES)

Polilexes-DEJUGE project on the "Law and jurists in the governing of Europe"

EU Enlargement and the Labor Markets, Institute for the Study of Labor (Bonn) Project

FP7 programme: ‘The role of Governance in the Resolution of Socioeconomic and Political Conflict in India and Europe (CORE)’; run time: 2011-2013




CEUR is not responsible for external websites. The link collection introduces you to the academic networks of individual CEUR members. CEUR as an administrative unit might not be an institutional member of these networks.